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Fox Chase art show, sale set to benefit cancer research

The Bucks County Chapter of the Board of Associates of Fox Chase Cancer Center will host its 22nd annual art show and sale, in memory of George Bramhall, with all proceeds benefiting lung cancer immunotherapy research at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

The event will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, April 13 and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, April 14, in the Event Center by Cornerstone (Eagle Fire Hall), 46 N. Sugan Road, New Hope. Admission and parking are free.

Patrons can browse the works of more than 28 artists while enjoying complementary light fare and wine. Each artist is contributing 35 percent of his or her art sales at the event to lung cancer immunotherapy research.

Additionally, raffle tickets may be purchased for a chance to win one of more than 28 original artworks donated by the participating artists.

Patrons can apply their raffle tickets to specific work(s) of art providing a high chance of winning their favorite. Raffle tickets are $15 each or three for $35. To view the raffle artwork and to purchase raffle tickets, see

Immunotherapy is the most promising breakthrough in cancer treatment in decades and it is revolutionizing cancer treatment.

Immunotherapy exploits the patient’s own cells to kill cancer cells and it is producing cures in diseases such as lung cancer, where patients previously had little hope of being cured. Nevertheless, the benefit of this revolutionary approach remains restricted to a relatively small fraction of patients, and the challenge is to expand those benefits to all patients.

Dr. Hossein Borghaei, a leading oncologist who specializes in lung cancer, and Dr. Kerry Campbell, a laboratory scientist who is an expert on the immune system, are teaming up to expand the benefits of immunotherapy to all patients. Their strategy is to study the immune cells in the tumors of patients that respond to immunotherapy and determine how they differ from those of patients that do not respond.

In doing so, they will be able to determine if a critical kind of cell is missing in non-responders or if the immune cells lack the expression of a key molecular weapon. Subsequently, they will devise strategies to ensure those missing immune cells are recruited to the cancer site and express the weapons they need to kill the cancer cell.

“We are confident that this strategy will help us implement new combinations of immune-based therapies that will enable the immune system to turn non-responding patients into responders” said Dr. Borghaei.

The premiere artists exhibiting at the event include: Sandy Askey-Adams, Susan Bankey Yoder, Anna Victoria Duzinski, Diane Greenberg, Dwight Harris, Addie Hocynec, Deb Hoeffner, Judith Langan, Denise Marshall, Christopher McCall, Beth Palser, Margie Perry, Susanne Pitak Davis, Fred Place, Kimberly Poulsen, Ron Prybycien, Jane Ramsey, Bob Richey, Beth Schoenleber, Mary Schwarzenberger, Stefanie Silverman, Roopa Speedy, Margaret G. Thorn, Sandra Vallely, Helena VanEmmerik-Finn, Anne Whalon, Carol Weston-Young and Steve Zazenski.

The Event Chairs are: Rhea Brown and Lillian O’Connor, the Event Sponsor is: Catherine Getchell, and the Media Sponsor is: Bucks County Herald.

The following are sponsors: Lee and Ginny Beyer, Jim and Mary Borthwick, Jim and Rhea Brown, Linda and John Brown, Kathryn K. Burchinal, Richard and Flo Celender, Luch H. Dailey, Carol and Bruce Dettman, Louis and Carol Della Penna, Paul and Janet Engstrom, John and Susan Eichert, William and Georgia Ford, Michael and Jean Fowler, Gruccio Insurance Management, Judith Troy Gundlach, Don and Lynn Haskin, Stephen and Susan Himelfarb, Bill Hughes and Michael Flanagan, James J. Flynn and Susan E. Johnson, David and Sandra Marshall, Millham Insurance, Helen S. Montgomery, Morel Family Foundation, Lillian O’Connor, David and Wendy Rees, Addie Riggione, Brian and Liz Rizor, Lorraine Saracini, Andrew and Ellen Schindler, SEI Private Wealth Management, Anne and Malcolm Singerman, Norm Troxel/Addison Wolfe Real Estate, Mary Walrond-Goff, Louise Woodruff, M. Lutzi and Robert Fischer.

Visit for information about sponsorship and donation opportunities to support research at Fox Chase Cancer Center.