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Forest Grove event venue closes abruptly


About a dozen couples who thought they’d be getting married at The Barn at Forestville in Buckingham Township got a rude shock this week when they learned the wedding venue had abruptly closed, according to township police.

Detective Tim Johnson with the Buckingham Township Police Department said Wednesday that he’s received approximately 12 complaints, which he has yet to confirm, against the Forest Grove Road property owner. “We are assessing all complaints to see if they rise to a criminal matter or should be remanded to civil court,” said Johnson, adding that the police are working with the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office on the matter.

The detective also said Danielle Strassel’s $2,000 has been returned to her. The Furlong woman and her fiancé put the money down for their 2020 wedding at the venue and had feared they would not see it again.

Johnson said he received an email from the property owner Wednesday, saying he intended to reimburse all the couples by the end of the week. The detective said, he has not had an opportunity yet to determine how much money is owed.

Lonnie Plummer, who owns the business, had agreed to close the business at the end of 2018, amid charges of zoning violations, Johnson confirmed. However, sources said, he allegedly continued to take deposits into 2019.

Other possible victims of a deceptive business practice by The Barn are asked to contact Buckingham Township Police Detective Tim Johnson at 215-794-8812.