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Flyover delivers message to Tohickon Middle School students


oylestown delivered a special message to students on June 8.

For an hour, between 11 a.m and noon, the school had a banner pulled by a plane that wished the students, and especially the graduating ninth-graders, best of luck as they enter summer break.

The High Exposure Arial Advertising plane departed from Pennridge Airport and flew over the zip codes in which Tohickon students live.

Tohickon is unique among Central Buck’s five middle schools in that its ninth-graders are the only ones that split between two different high schools, CB West and CB East for the remainder of their high school years. Ninth-graders typically participate in a number of activities to celebrate their accomplishments as a class before splitting to the two high schools, including a trip to Washington, DC, a day at Camp America in Warrington, and the Freshman Dance.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the last time the students were all together was Thursday, March 12. With the end of the school year approaching, the administration and staff at Tohickon wanted to arrange a very special tribute for the students that won’t experience the normal celebrations that come with the end of the school year.

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