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Letters to the Herald

Five words that’d fix NH-S committee rule


I would like to make you and your readers aware of an eyebrow raising stipulation found in the New Hope-Solebury School District application for all standing committees (ie: Policy, Finance, Curriculum, Facilities and Special Education) that needs clarification.

It states, “Committee Members should not deliberate, discuss or meet about committee topics outside of the monthly committee meeting.”

When I brought this rather restrictive requirement to the attention of some committees and the entire school board, no action was taken to rectify the apparent ambiguity.

Can a father and his daughter discuss committee business outside of the meeting? If they do, will they feel apprehensive that somehow they violated protocol? Can members, not a quorum, likewise meet and discuss issues?

For carity all that has to be done is to add just five words to the stipulation: “Unless there is a quorum.”

Will the schoo board take the appropriate action?

Melvin Band, Solebury

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