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Letters to the Herald

Fitzpatrick’s impeachment votes show his true colors


In 2019, Brian Fitzpatrick voted against the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s efforts to extort Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and against the subsequent impeachment. In 2021, he voted against the impeachment of Trump for the January 6 insurrection. He opined that “impeachment should only occur in the most extreme of circumstances, and should happen only after a formal law enforcement investigation where independent, nonpartisan factual findings of criminal activity are presented to Congress.”

In 2023, Fitzpatrick voted for the impeachment inquiry into President Biden despite the lack of any credible evidence of criminal activity by the president. In fact, the FBI warned Republicans that the informant who alleged Biden accepted bribes was unreliable. That informant has since been charged with lying to the FBI about the president’s involvement. As a former FBI agent, Fitzpatrick should have known better.

In 2024, Fitzpatrick voted for the impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, again, without any evidence of criminal activity.

How do we explain the obvious inconsistencies in his votes on these matters?

Fitzpatrick is not “bipartisan.” He is not a “problem-solver.” Fitzpatrick is concerned only with being re-elected. This is the calculus on which his most important decisions are made.

We need a representative who has the courage to stand for and do what is right. Fitzpatrick is not that person.

Ernie Peacock, Langhorne

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