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Letters to the Herald

Fitzpatrick should press Johnson for Ukraine funding vote


Understandably, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has been roundly and legitimately criticized for being duplicitous in saying one thing to curry favor in a blue-tinged district but acting like a lemming when the Republican Pied Piper requires it.

His website touts his visit to Ukraine and Israel where he met with his “friend” President Zelenskyy and said he “promised I would do whatever necessary to pass our bipartisan bill providing urgently needed military aid to Ukraine and protecting democracy in the region.”

This bill has not been brought to the House floor for a vote by Speaker Mike Johnson.

If Congressman Fitzpatrick is sincere in his promise, he and his “problem-solver” Republicans should let Speaker Johnson know that they will move to vacate him from the speakership unless he does bring the bill to the floor where it will pass.

This is another opportunity for the congressman to show his true colors. Is he true to his word or just being Machiavellian?

Joseph Franlin, Bedminster

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