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First Amendment rights negate neighbors’ rights


In response to Susan Goodrich’s letter regarding the vulgar flag displayed in her neighborhood. We live near a family who has this same vulgar flag hanging on a pole in their front yard along with a black American flag.
This family has three school aged children who live there, and this flag is flying less than 50 yards from a school bus stop. This is on a heavily traveled state road and the school buses pass by several times a day.
The Richland Township manager and local police were made aware of the flags and the same response was given: “This is within their First Amendment Rights” and nothing can be done about it. I wonder if this same response would be given if this vulgar flag was seen flying in the parking lot at your local Wal-Mart or grocery store? Does freedom of speech apply there?

We are just as disgusted and disheartened as the neighbors of Susan Goodrich who had to view this vulgar language and display of hatred until it was removed.
J. Snyder, Richland Township