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Fighter jet noise low over rooftops rattles residents in local river towns


A pair of jet fighter planes flying low over rooftops rattled the local river towns Tuesday around 6 p.m.

Dee Dee Bowman asked the question on Facebook: “What are these jets flying over town?”

And the comments started coming.

Peter Augenblick hazarded a guess when he saw an F16 doing maneuvers. “If I had to guess, it had something to do with a guy playing golf in Bedminster,” he said.

Lori Stagnitto went to Facebook to make sure the sound wasn’t a tornado. “They are Trump’s fighter jets,” she concluded. “They have been doing these flyovers in northern Hunterdon for a few days.”

Susan White asked, “Is 45 coming to town? The cats freaked out.”

Ruth Ann Mummey heard it in Sergeantsville, N.J. And Val Patterson was attending a meeting in Lambertville City Hall when she asked what was happening.

Ryan Jameson thought the president was still in Beaver County, Western Pennsylvania at Shell Oil’s petrochemicals complex, which will turn the area’s natural gas deposits into plastics. But he was told otherwise.

Barbara saw deer running around her yard around looking flustered and her sheep were galloping around their barn. “The cats just disappeared,” she said.

Rusty Thomas said they just flew over his house in Mechanicsville. He wonder if the president was not far away in Bedminster, N.J.

“Someone who called the police said they were fighter jets escorting a private plane out of the area (the plane apparently flew into 40-mile radius of Bedminster),” Mary Legere reported.

“I would hate to live near Bedminster these years,” said Susan White.

“We saw them fly soooo low over our house near Carversville. Web site says Trump was at Monaca, Pa., touring Shell plant and will return to Bedminster to vacation. Departed Morristown N.J. at 4:55pm en route to Bedminster,” said Sharon Platt.

And Amy Felsher said, “He did this two weekends ago when he was at his estate in Bedminster. I thought a commercial airliner was crashing in my backyard.

“So scary!!!!,” Afia Dash wrote.

Rett Campbell said, “It’s the sound of freedom.”

“It is the sound of freedom,” Claire Lyle-Keane confirmed. “Pilots are alerted to no fly/ prohibited areas for many reasons not only because of a presidential stay. The Super Bowl had a wide area and even sports arenas or some concerts.”

Wendy Claflin-Gladston went out on her deck to listen and the sound was loud. It passed over about three times. “Very cool,” she said.

But it was heart-stopping for Earlene Austin, and Annelies Van Dommelen thought the end was near.

The few minutes passed but not without many questions.

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