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Letters to the Herald

Felons typically can’t vote. Can they run for president?


What a joyous and sad day simultaneously on May 30 when former president Donald Trump became a convicted felon. A jury of 12 of his peers convicted him on 34 counts.

Sentencing is planned for July 11 unless the date gets changed. July 11 is four days before the Republican National Convention so Trump and his team may seek another date. Continued debate about the legitimacy of the prosecution and likely an appeal is in the near future. An appeal would delay things for months.

It is interesting that in all states except for Maine and Vermont felons are not eligible to vote.

There are no rules blocking candidates with criminal records from running for the highest office in our nation. It seems prudent for our lawmakers to amend the U.S. Constitution so that felons are ineligible to run for president.

Our forefathers never dreamed of the quagmire our nation is facing with a felon as a presidential candidate.

Who wants a criminal making decisions for our nation? A U.S. citizen cannot be a felon and serve in the U.S. military but a felon can be a Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military?

Choose wisely in November.

Gail Titus, Newtown

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