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Letters to the Herald

Feeling poorly treated by New Hope Borough Council


I want the New Hope Council to know that I was offended by the way I was verbally treated at the last council meeting (Jan. 17) when I asked three simple questions about the 2023 budget. Not questions to challenge the budget work, but simply to understand it, as it was not clear to me and others.

I would characterize the response as rude and embarrassing to the residents and guests of New Hope Borough. This behavior doesn’t reflect on me or other meeting participants, but rather on you, the individuals we elected to represent and lead us. We are embarrassed about that.

I trust we are all working to promote public participation in our small town government process. This approach will discourage others from coming forward and offering constructive thoughts for fear of what they might experience.

I implore the council to elevate its level of professionalism when dealing with the public.

Don’t let this unnecessary attitude take away from the good work you do.

Bill Clapper,  New Hope Speaks

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