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Family had given up hope for dog’s return but after 16 months, Winnie is home


In mid-January, Michael Beitler got a telephone call he never expected. Sixteen months before, his family’s dog, Winnie, had found her way under their garden fence and disappeared.

Michael, his wife, Joanna, and children, 10-year-old Joseph and 5-year-old Evelyn, searched their neighborhood, posted Winnie’s picture on street posts and in the post office and on Facebook. They told the kids at school, called local veterinarians – all to no avail. After months of searching they had given up hope of ever seeing Pixie again.

And then that call came.

As Kellie Westervelt was on her way to work that morning, she passed the Thompson Memorial church on Sugan Road in Solebury.

Out of the corner of an eye she noticed a dog being put out of a car onto the parking lot. Concerned about what she had just seen, she turned around quickly and found the dog in the lot, but the car was gone. She opened her car door, the dog jumped in, and was taken with her to Bowmans Hill Wildflower Preserve where she is director of development.

As the preserve’s staff was discussing how best to find its owner, board member Steve Swanson contacted Michele Armstrong, who is executive director of Lulu’s Rescue. Lulu’s picked the dog up, fostered her overnight, and next morning took her to a veterinarian who gave appropriate care.

Kellie, Steve and Michele hoped that an identification chip had been implanted. Their hopes were soon answered – the dog belonged to the Beitler family in nearby Newtown.

Alert, smart, caring people make a difference. Smiles all around!

The little dog – Winnie is her name – was reunited with her family. It was as if she had never left.

It was a very happy ending, not unusual for Lulu’s Rescue.

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