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“Eric Mintel Investigates” team to host paranormal conference


A combination of scientific reasoning, truth, intuition and openness to the unknown helps Eric Mintel and his team investigate all things paranormal.

Mintel has always had a deep interest in the paranormal. He’ll share it next month when he hosts Bucks County Paracon, a paranormal convention being held March 9 at Bucks County Community College.

The professional jazz musician, who also hosts a show called “Eric Mintel Investigates,” said it’s a Bucks County “con” whose time has come.

“I’ve been seeing a bunch of different conventions all over the country and nothing in Bucks County,” said Mintel. “It was something that needed to happen in this area for, like, the longest time and I’m just glad I just decided to partner up and make it happen.”

Mintel approached Director of the Zlock Performing Arts Center Pete Chiovarou and pitched a paranormal convention.

“I just said, ‘Hey Pete! Do you want to partner up and have a paranormal convention right here at the performing arts center?” Mintel recalled. “He said, ‘Absolutely’.”

The planning took more than two months, according to Mintel, whose planned topics include alien abductions, Bigfoot and ghosts. There’ll even be some fun activities. “We’re doing experiments on the light spectrum,” said Mintel.

Given its community college location, Mintel wants to feature local speakers, vendors and food trucks.

Mintel and his partner on Eric Mintel Investigates, Dominic Sattele, will discuss their experience with the Beast of Bray Road. Other speakers and presenters include Nick Pope, host of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens; Bill William Birnes, who’ll discuss UFOs at the White House; Tom Carey, who’ll give a talk about the Roswell incident; Eric M. Spinner, who’ll focus on Bigfoot; and James Krug, whose presentation will center on aliens and the moon.

Speakers will begin at 1 p.m. with Krug and end at 7 p.m. with Spinner.

Having sold more than 200 tickets so far, Mintel says “it’s going to be a really nice event to do on a day in March when nothing is going on.”

Tickets are $45 and they’re available at

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