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Entrepreneur establishes mentoring facility in Furlong

Paul Szyarto had what he called a rough childhood – growing up in a tough part of New Jersey, moving more than 30 times, trying to keep one step ahead of an abusive father who tried to kill his mother.

At 17, while working as a bouncer of sorts, he said, he got into some trouble himself. A sentence by a judge, requiring Szyarto to serve time in the military changed his life, he said.

After Szyarto scored high on the military test, he was directed into the nuclear engineering program.

It led him to an education in some of the best universities in the world, during and after his time in the military, he said, including the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University – and to great success as an entrepreneur and businessman.

“I’ve been building companies since I was in my 20s,” he said, adding, “I’ve built 27, 28 companies and sold seven of them. “I’ve done extremely well financially.”

The author of “Never Broke(n): The Mindset to Survive the Business of Life,” who said he has used his experience to help others, recently opened his own mentoring facility, Mentobo, in Furlong, to help others achieve in business and other aspects of life.

Mentobo’s first mentoring program begins Aug. 12. Szyarto plans to teach 30 mentees, according to one of his websites, “the system to double their income within 90 days.”

“I want to give back the methodologies that work for me. I want to teach people how to do things, give you my playbook; you’re going to increase at least two times your business,” he said.

Szyarto said he teaches people to undergo a mindset shift. “You need to stop looking at the top-end number,” he said, referring to income generated. “You need to look at the bottom-end number and focus on what you keep.

“I would rather make $40 million at a 50 percent margin compared to a billion dollar business” that nets less profit after expenses, he said.

He also teaches people to focus on what they have, not what they don’t and to optimize their productivity.

“My goal is to teach people how to succeed at the business of life,” he said.

According to his website, Szyarto is an executive coach as well as an expert in business operations and technology and has spent the last 20 years maximizing the bottom line of more than 600 global companies, including Microsoft, Goodyear, BP, GE, United Technologies, Kellogg, Alcoa, Autoliv, Darden, Yum, and many more from the Fortune 500 list.

Mentobo plans to offer peer-to-peer networking groups, seminars, bootcamps, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Szyarto will service a variety of industries and topics including: Entrepreneurship Mindset; Debt Management; Veterans Transfer; Stress Management/Anxiety Management; Building an Empire; Digital Disruption; Big Data; What next after college; Writing a resume and more.

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