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Easton’s Karl Stirner Arts Trail offers art in natural setting


Visitors are welcome to visit the Karl Stirner Arts Trail, a scenic 2.5-mile path running along the Bushkill Creek and through Downtown Easton with contemporary sculptures located throughout.

All trail entryways and parking lots are open once again.

The trail is a key component in the City of Easton’s commitment to the arts, and is proud to be a destination for art and nature lovers alike.

In recent weeks, the enormous foot traffic on the trail has included large groups using the trail and its environs for picnics, cook-outs and larger gatherings that are unsustainable for the trail, which does not have capacity, including restrooms and garbage clean-up capacity, to host larger, all-day gatherings.

The Creekside areas are important riparian buffer zones and delicate environmental areas not up to the task of hosting parties or large groups, such as a community recreational park could. The creek is also a shallow area, and reports of people jumping from the pedestrian bridge into the creek raise serious safety concerns for visitors engaging in these activities.

As an urban green space that is home to many species, the Friends of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail aims to keep the trail a place for quieter recreation, walking, biking, and passive enjoyment of the creek.

The City of Easton will continue to monitor the use of the trail to ensure that usage is as intended and safe for all visitors, and will keep all entryways and parking lots open, unless activities should again increase to levels that present risks to visitors or the natural environment.

“Please enjoy the KSAT for the reflection, art and recreation opportunities it provides, which are ever more critical in this period of time in our community,” reads an email from the Friends.