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Durham Township


Durham Township now has a new map that will provide a basis for planning and zoning for the future.

It was presented by Scott Douglas, president of the Cooks Creek Watershed Association, and Rebecca Hayden, president of the Watershed Coalition of Lehigh Valley. The two organizations collaborated on the creation of the map.

Douglass said Cooks Creek is “one of the few exceptional value streams in Pennsylvania.” He said three-quarters of the watershed lies in Springfield Township and one-quarter in Durham Township. It occupies three-quarters of the joint land mass of both and provides “some of the purest water around.”

Hayden was able to get a grant for the preparation of this map as well as others for Lehigh Valley watersheds. She said the illustrated map can be mounted indoors as an informational display. A second grant, she said, will pay for an outdoor display.

The one for Springfield Township will be situated at Peppermint Park. The Durham supervisors now need to decide the best locations for both the indoor and outdoor map when it is finished.