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Driver Shane Brolly pleads guilty in Bucks crash that seriously injured four Neshaminy High teens


A 24-year-old man who authorities said seriously injured four Neshaminy High School girls in a head-on crash in Northampton Township on March 27, pleaded guilty Jan. 6, to all charges.
Blood tests results showed Shane Brolly’s blood-alcohol content was 0.21 percent, more than twice the legal limit to drive, and an investigation found that Brolly had been drinking for several hours prior to the 10:10 p.m. crash in the 300 block of Bridgetown Pike in Northampton Township, Deputy District Attorney Robert D. James said in court.
Brolly entered a guilty plea before Bucks County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey L. deferred to a later date.
Police determined Brolly was driving north on the 300 block of Bridgetown Pike and attempted to pass a vehicle by crossing the double yellow lines into the southbound lane. While in the southbound lane, Brolly collided with a Mazda SUV, causing the vehicle to roll several times, and pushing it back 50 feet off the roadway. The crash sent Brolly’s truck back into the northbound lane where it then struck the vehicle he attempted to pass. Brolly was traveling 70 miles per hour at the point of impact, and he did not brake.
The four occupants of the Mazda – two 16-year-old girls and two 17-year-old girls – suffered serious injuries that included broken bones and fractures, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries that required surgery, and multiple lacerations. Brolly’s passenger, Eion Quinn, also suffered serious internal injuries. Three occupants in the third vehicle were treated at the scene and released.
Interviews with witnesses found that Brolly and Quinn began the day by buying two 12-packs of beer in Montgomery Country at 3:48 p.m. and drinking most of them while hitting golf balls at a Philadelphia golf center. Of the 24 beers purchased, only five unopened cans remained in the crashed truck. They then drove to a Philadelphia bar, ate lunch, and drank at least one Guinness beer each. At 5:05 p.m., Brolly texted a cousin who let him borrow the truck to tell him he was not driving because he had been drinking and would return the truck the next morning.
Even then, “Brolly knew he was too impaired to drive,” James said. Brolly and Quinn then left the bar, picked up a friend and went to another Philadelphia bar. During the drive to the second bar, Brolly sideswiped a vehicle and paid the driver $100 not to report the incident.
The three men arrived at the second bar, Paddy Whack’s, at 7:20 p.m. and Brolly drank another Guinness, several shots, mixed drinks, and a Corona.
At approximately 9:52 p.m., bartenders cut off Brolly and refused to serve him, and he became agitated. A woman offered to get him an Uber ride home and told him that driving while drunk is not worth it. Brolly’s friend told him he could spend the night at his home.
Instead, Brolly and Quinn got into the truck, and Brolly sped out of the bar’s parking lot at 9:52 p.m.
Brolly, who is a non-U.S. citizen and has lived in Philadelphia for two years, does not possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.