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Dr. Robyn Graham has written a book about anxiety

For anxiety that lingers, advice from one who knows


Most of us have experienced some form of anxiety; not a good experience. Most of us endure it and hope it goes away.
But what if it doesn’t go away? What if it has a paralyzing effect? What if interferes with our normal life?
Dr. Robyn Graham has written a book about anxiety, her own experiences, coping as a parent, and working as a pharmacist, photographer, brand strategist and business coach.
She’s mom to Joshua, Samuel, and Grace, wife to Dr. John Graham, dog mom to Stella. She’s also a daughter, sister, aunt and friend.
Graham says she is “an anxious introvert on a mission to help teen girls go from feeling anxious to relentless.” She shares her own lifelong journey with anxiety.
Graham has written a book, “You, Me and Anxiety.” It’s a guide to recognizing symptoms of anxiety and it recommends actions to take to manage and overcome anxiety.
“The book is perfect,” she says, for anyone who ever struggles to get out of bed in the morning; dreams of getting a good night’s sleep; has stomach flips at the thought of going to school; finds it challenging to hang out with friends or go to parties; often feels irritable or angry; or often experiences frequent stomach pains or headaches (or both).”

The book doesn’t promise that overcoming anxiety is easy, but it does with consistent recommended behavior, an anxious person is not doomed. “In fact,” says the author, “even with anxiety, you can live a happy, joyful life and experience the fabulous things your peers are experiencing.”
Graham has created both a Parent Edition and a journal to accompany the Teen Edition. The journal is a guide to help readers take action. “There is a significant connection between the brain and the act of writing, and it is incredibly beneficial to write our thoughts and journal around them. The journal is a place to write and keep track of emotions, challenges, interactions, and experiences as well as the recommended exercises in the book,” she says.
The Parent Edition is meant to help parents navigate the world of anxiety. “Some parents have experienced anxiety and not known the cause of their symptoms or actions, and others have experienced anxiety, known what it was, but didn’t have the resources to overcome it,” Graham says. “Both groups may think their child can ‘just get over it,’ but this is not feasible for a child with anxiety. If a parent has not experienced anxiety or is not familiar with how to navigate it, that parent may not be able to effectively help the child.”
The incidence of anxiety is on the rise, Graham says. “We live in a digital era and people are inundated with the pressures of ‘being’ what they see and hear to fit in and feel accepted. Anxiety is associated with many risks, such as eating disorders, drug addiction, and suicide.”
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“You, Me, and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You Edition: Teen (accompanying journal and Parents’ Edition also exist) in digital and paperback format is expected to be released by Highlander Press March 15.
It is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Doylestown Bookshop and Apple Books.