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Doylestown Township proposes 0.75-mill tax increase


Doylestown has held six public meetings since spring discussing and reviewing the township’s budget.

Doylestown Township residents will pay a 0.75 mill increase in property taxes next year, according to a preliminary budget presented during the Nov. 19 board of supervisors meeting.

The tax rate will increase to 13.125 mills. A township resident owning a property assessed at the township average $40,638 would owe $533.40 in property taxes yearly.

The 2020 preliminary budget weighs in with revenues expected to be $13,657,266 and expenses expected to be $15,240,991 using fund balances of $1,583,725 and transfers of $1,400,200.

The increase was necessary to address general fund operations such as public safety needs, pension obligations and the parks department temporary facilities.

Projects on deck for the new year include $3.1 million in spending for restoration of roads and curbs in the Pebble Ridge/Woodridge area, stormwater management, bridge maintenance, a public works equipment storage facility, updating Central Park lighting, traffic projects and upgrades of computer infrastructure.

The township will end 2020 with a fund balance of $5,207,596. The budget may be viewed online at or at the township building.

Supervisors will put the budget to a final vote on Dec. 17.