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History Lives

Doylestown Nature Club


The Daily Intelligencer of Aug. 22, 1915, contained this article:
An hour before sundown on Saturday the younger members of the Doylestown Nature Club presented “Bird Guardians,” a masque [costumed drama] by Leigh Mitchell Hodges on the broad velvety lawn under the trees at Glenbourne Farm, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnold Todd, near Doylestown.
From every part of the country, guests came to see this first presentation of Mr. Hodges’ masque urging protection of feathered friends. “Bird Guardians,” in which young women appeared in the role of the feathered guardians, dressed to represent their plumage as nearly as possible, was not only impressive as an appeal for the birds from economic and humanitarian viewpoints, but decidedly pleasing for its dramatic and spectacular value.

Fair advocates of the birds presented in blank verse the virtues of the feathered protectors and pictured their wondering, pained astonishment at the thoughtless abuse perpetrated by their bigger brothers on the earth. Mr. Hodges, the author, served as master of scenes.
Note: The Doylestown Nature Club was started in 1907 by Mrs. Irvin M. James “to provide a love of nature; to protect birds, animals and wildflowers from ruthless destruction; to conserve our natural resources; to beautify the community; and to educate in the field of nature.”