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Doylestown Historical Society opens year with new officers

A lot has been happening at the Doylestown Historical Society (DHS) since the beginning of the year when a new governing body came into place and Stu Abramson became president emeritus after nine years of service.

Don’t let that fool you for a minute. He is still very much an active member and wants everyone to know that the content for the next issue of Neshaminy, the historical and literary journal that he spearheaded within DHS, is complete.

“Our plan was to release it in April, however as you can imagine, Covid-19 has altered those plans,” said Abramson. “We’re currently discussing the release date.”

The new slate of officers at DHS includes Executive Director Donna Carcaci Rhodes, Chairperson H. Christopher DelPlato, Vice Chairpersons Bob Byers and Tina Mazaheri, Treasurer Chris Nardo, Secretary Jeff Toner and directors Daniel Carchedi, Vail Garvin, John Gribb, Mike Kendrick, Syd and Sharon Martin, Dick Millham, Michael Nunno, Jon Rudolph, Jonathan Sharaf, Marv Woodall, Steve Worth and office manager Diane L. Meyers.

An interesting docket of presentations has been laid out for the coming year.

Upcoming speakers include Alice Paul, a costumed interpreter, with “Forgotten Heroes: Women and the Fight for the Right to Vote”; Margaret Sharrett with “My Grandmother’s Struggle to Protect Women’s Health: 1900-1965,” “Women of World War I,” “The Progressive Ideas of Civil War Medicine” and “W.W.H. Davis, Doylestown HARB’s Anniversary.”

Current and upcoming displays include: Women of Influence (different topics in 2020 including suffrage, business and politics), Constance Emerson Geil and her Global Impact, W.W.H. Davis’ Collaboration with the Mercer Museum and Civil War Museum, 50th Anniversary of HARB (Historic Architectural Review Board), Trolleys and Transportation in the Doylestown Region, Doylestown High School, Agriculture and Agricultural Works, William E. Geil Doylestown’s Forgotten Explorer, Henry Chapman Mercer, a Great Doylestonian 1856-1930 (p), Commerce and Growth in Doylestown, Early Banking of Doylestown, Aldie Mansion, Historical Businesses of Doylestown, Magill School House, Maps and Early Property Divisions of Doylestown.

Exhibition dates are listed at

Tour options may be available beginning weekends in June. Special event tours include the July 25 W.W.H. Davis tour as part of a collaborative townwide celebration with the Mercer and Civil War museums.

The Doylestown Historical Society is located at 56 S. Main St., in Doylestown Borough.

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