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Doylestown Health imaging gets boost from Morel Foundation


A contribution from the Morel Family Foundation will play a significant role in reducing the time patients spend having a MRI scan, Doylestown Health announced recently.

The foundation’s investment allowed Doylestown Hospital the opportunity to buy a state-of-the-art Philips Ingenia Ambition X 1.5T MR scanner, one of just 10 installed in North America, to date, the hospital said, in a statement. For patients, this means up to 50 percent less time being scanned, as well as less noise and an “immersive visual experience” that allows patients greater control over their environment.

“There is a monitor on the back wall at the end of the scanner. We can play many scenes on it, like swimming though the ocean, or taking a trip through a countryside. When the patient goes in head first with a mirror, it looks like you are going into the scene itself without noticing the inside of the scanner. The sounds of it come through the headphones and it is a neat experience,” said Michael Schweikert, director of MRI at the hospital.

The new MRI scanner also improves clinical capabilities, reduces the need for re-scans and provides enhanced diagnostic images for doctors.

“The speed of this particular MRI scanner shortens the time patients need to hold their breath as well as the time patients spend in the MRI,” said Dr. William Corse, Doylestown Health’s MRI director.

“Pediatric and geriatric patients will especially benefit,” the doctor noted. The new scanner also “provides a pathway to future clinical demands as the art and science of medicine continue to evolve,” Corse said, in a statement.

Don Morel, retired CEO of West Pharmaceutical Services, said he chose the scanner as a gift because of its benefit for all patients, especially those who have trouble tolerating long studies. “Radiology supports orthopedics, women’s health, general surgery – every facet of patient care,” Morel said.

With its enhanced technological features, including a fully sealed magnet that uses only a fraction of liquid helium to cool it the Ingenia Ambition X scanner enables more patients to be scanned more quickly, while reducing lengthy and costly disruptions in service, hospital officials said.

The newest MRI is the third in operation at the hospital, officials said.