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Letters to the Herald

Dog owners in new park: Please clean up your act


The new walking trails in Aquetong Spring Park have been a hit with two-legged and four-legged citizens – sometimes numbering hundreds per day. Unfortunately, some of the two-leggeds need training on how to responsibly clean up after their pets.
While many dog walkers are cleaning up after their dogs, not everyone carries their bags out of the park. In fact, it has become apparent from the many bags left in the park that some dog owners feel their responsibility ends with the act of bagging. We are writing to remind you that it does not.
If you walk a dog in the park, you must clean up and carry out. Don’t leave the bag on the ground with the intention of getting it later. And please stop piling the bags next to the temporary bathrooms on site – it’s unsightly and it’s insulting to the park maintenance staff.
It’s also against the law. Solebury has a trash-in, trash-out policy covering all township parks. It’s the dog owner’s responsibility to take all waste home. There are clearly posted signs warning of the consequences of ignoring the rules, and Solebury has an ordinance on the books that allows fines from $60 all the way up to $600.

Please enjoy Solebury’s latest jewel of a park, but please join the many responsible pet owners using it every day.
Dan Dupont, Chair Solebury Township Board of Parks and Recreation

Nancy Stock-Allen, Chair Aquetong Spring Advisory Board