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Dining Out — Restaurant Roving: Authentic ramen noodles with a personal touch

Without fanfare, Rakkii Ramen opened its tea bar in Doylestown last October, then quietly followed in November with the opening of its ramen restaurant.

After the soft opening, Bucks County’s only ramen restaurant was quickly discovered by fans of the Asian noodle dish served in meat or fish-based broths and topped with meat, fish, and/or vegetables.

“We had an awesome opening; the town has been very receptive,” said co-owner Kenny Patton, who loves Doylestown and recommended it to Rakkii Ramen founder and chef Marco Lu as a site for a second restaurant.

About 60 percent of their customers are ramen fans, Patton said, while the rest come in search of a new dining experience.

The food is traditional, he said, with each dish getting a personal twist from the chef.

Lu opened the first Rakkii Ramen restaurant in Bethlehem after studying the art of ramen-making in Yokohama, Japan. Rakkii translates as “lucky” in Japanese.

The partners took over the property best known as the former site of Bobby Simone’s, in the alley off State Street. They took five months to renovate and give it an Asian-inspired décor, then began offering specialty fruit and bubble teas in the tea bar. Locals, including after-school students, quickly found them, paving the way for the opening of the restaurant.

The menu for both Rakkii Ramen restaurants was crafted by Lu; it features starters such as edamame flavored with black garlic oil, sake and hickory-smoked sea salt; seaweed salad; gyoza (Japanese dumplings) stuffed with pork or vegetables; steamed buns and fried calamari.

The restaurant offers eight noodle dishes including miso ramen, seafood udon, traditional tonkatsu ramen and vegetable ramen in vegetable broth, each with a different list of toppings. All of the broths are made from scratch on the premises. “We go through 150 pounds of bones a week” making broths, Patton said.

For those in search of gluten-free options, Lu has created a gluten-free noodle in place of the traditional wheat noodles used in the dishes.
Entrees go beyond noodles; the restaurant also offers chicken curry, vegetarian sukiyaki rice and tuna and salmon dishes.

Desserts at Rakkii include an award-winning black sesame panna cotta, mochi ice cream and a mango crepe cake.

Green tea drinks are made using fresh fruits including lemon-lime, grapefruit and orange. A milky black tea also is made fresh daily.

A third Rakkii Ramen has opened on Long Island, N.Y., and a fourth is planned for New Brunswick, N.J., this spring.

52 E. State St., Unit H

11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Wed.-Sat., 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Sun. & Tue., closed Mon.

Starters $5-$8, noodle dishes $15-$17, other entrees $14-$16.

Customer favorites:
Miso ramen, spicy miso ramen, sukiyaki udon, vegetable ramen.