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Desis of Doylestown and Arva Yoga slate third annual Saree Run


The third annual Saree Run, co-hosted by Desis of Doylestown (DOD) and Arva Yoga, is set to take place at 10 a.m. May 19, at Lower Nike Park in Chalfont.

“The Saree Run embodies the limitless spirit of women. Our grandmothers once walked miles in sarees, driven by dreams of becoming athletes and attaining a quality education. Today, having come a long way in our transformation, we ask: why not make the Saree mainstream, breaking free from limitations?”

The primary objective of the Saree Run is to raise funds to support girls’ education and other crucial women’s initiatives.

“Here’s how we aim to achieve this: while the run itself is free for all participants, we encourage each participant to leverage their networks, spread the word, and actively seek donations. In the past two years, with 150 to 200 participants, we successfully raised a total of $25,000. This year, our goal is even more ambitious – aiming to raise an additional $15,000.”

Donations benefit two organizations: A Women’s Place and Shiksha Nidhi.

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