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Department of Health launches COVID-19 phased reopening county dashboard


The Department of Health yesterday launched an online dashboard to show county progress as Pennsylvania moves through the COVID-19 phased reopening plan. The dashboard breaks down four main categories that are used to determine if a county can move into the next phase of reopening.

The dashboard shows metrics used to help identify if a county can reopen to the next phase, including:

• Stable, decreasing, or low confirmed case counts, past two weeks compared to previous two weeks;

• Contacts of case are being monitored;

• PCR positivity rate <10% in past 14 days; and,

• Hospital bed use is 90% or lower per district population.

Throughout the phased reopening, the administration’s criteria for moving to the green phase has been that after a county transitions to the yellow phase, the Department of Health will closely monitor for increased risk, such as significant outbreaks. If overall risk remains mitigated for 14 days, the county will transition to the green phase. This dashboard is an effort to quantify mitigation for counties.