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Dentist urges Congress to pass NOPAIN Act as part of next COVID-19 relief package


Dr. Brice Arndt, a practicing dentist in Pennsylvania for more than 30 years, who also serves on the PA Dental Association’s Government Relations Committee, is urging Congress to pass the NOPAIN Act as part of any COVID-19 upcoming relief package so patients have access to non-opioid therapies sooner, rather than later. The bipartisan Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation (NOPAIN) Act, H.R. 5172, would modernize Medicare to fully reimburse providers for non-opioid pain therapies used after outpatient surgery. Currently, Medicare does not reimburse sufficiently for non-opioid pain therapies if used after an outpatient procedure, Dr. Arndt said, adding, hospitals and clinics would have to bear the cost. Many cannot afford it, he said, and therefore do not offer non-opioid pain therapies to patients. Arndt said this means millions older and disabled individuals are still being treated with unnecessary quantities of opioids.