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David Stier to give talk at New Hope Colony Foundation


New Hope artist David Stier will offer a glimpse into his artistic journey and creative process during an artist talk from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, June 15, at the New Hope Colony Foundation for the Arts.

Held at the foundation’s gallery at 2594 River Road in New Hope, this event presents a rare opportunity to hear directly from Stier as he discusses the profound influence of the New Hope landscape and his connection to the legendary painter William Lathrop.

Stier’s current exhibition, “Harmonizing Observation and Imagination,” showcases a collection of plein air and studio paintings that capture the essence of the New Hope area. Through his introspective and atmospheric works, Stier aims to manifest Lathrop’s vision of living in harmony with one’s true nature and being “profoundly obsessed by emotion, to the forgetting of self.”

Stier will share insights into his artistic inspirations, techniques, and the emotional connections that drive his creative expression. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how Stier translates the magic of the New Hope landscape onto canvas, evoking a sense of being drawn into an unseen world.

Like the pioneering artists of the New Hope Colony, Stier finds endless inspiration in the local subjects that have captivated artists for generations. His work celebrates the enduring beauty and allure of the region, inviting viewers to experience the area through his unique artistic lens.

“Harmonizing Observation and Imagination” will remain on display at the New Hope Colony Foundation for the Arts until June 16.

Stier, who was trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, lives in Carversville and maintains a studio and frame workshop there. He has participated in a National Art’s Club Exhibition and has been an award-winning artist at the Phillips Mill Juried Art Show. His work can be seen at The Silverman Gallery and at

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