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Craven Hall will unveil its technological face-lift Saturday


Thanks to the generosity of the Low Voltage Nation community, Craven Hall will unveil its technological face-lift to the public at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 13. All are welcome and encouraged to join in the festivities for this historic leap from steamboat to Wi-Fi. Craven Hall Director Eric Fleisher will be on hand to discuss the future of exhibits. Ray Cline from Libertas Consulting will be present to showcase the cutting-edge technology of LVN’s “Gold Standard” networking system. Finally, Marco Chaffiotte, a director for LVN, will answer questions about the organization’s nationwide efforts to create opportunities for others interested in low voltage/technology careers.

Historic Craven Hall teamed up with LVN to bring the past into the future. Craven Hall is fondly remembered by many as the backdrop for field trips, teatime, and the preservation and promotion of Warminster History, including famed John Fitch, inventor of the original steamboat engine. This weekend, it will once again make history as the flagship for LVN’s cutting edge “Gold Standard” networking system.

Recently, the Craven Hall Historical Society added a 30-person conference room that is available to both historical societies and local businesses alike. The comfortable and meticulously detailed conference room was lacking Wi-Fi and internet access – a $30,000 luxury the Historical Society could not afford throughout its campus.

Libertas Consulting, a member of both LVN and the Greater BucksMont Chamber of Commerce, organized a wildly successful donation drive that drew the attention of business owners from all over the country. Vertical Cable, located in Florida, donated $10,000 in non-electrical infrastructure (conduits, wiring, mounting hardware, etc). Businesses in Tennessee, Colorado and New Jersey have also joined the effort. To date, more than $27,500 has poured in to support the modernization. Donations include networking equipment like switches, a state-of-the-art router/firewall, conduits, wireless access points, and wiring, as well as cash donations that will be used to offset the cost of internet service.

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