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CPR classes offered to community


The Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce, in concert with the New Hope Eagle Fire Company will be offering free CPR classes to anyone who wishes to attend.

These classes are being conducted in memory of Herb Millman, who passed away from a massive heart attack on Dec. 4, 2017. This is an annual event in honor of Millman started by his husband, John Dwyer, to honor him on his birthday. Millman was an activist, president of the New Hope Chamber and a board member on various town and nonprofit boards.

The classes will be held on Wednesday, June 5 (Millman’s birthday) and Saturday, June 8 at the fire company. The starting time will be 9 a.m. and will last about 75 minutes. This is not a certification, which is a longer class, but a class to give out lifesaving information. Presentations will be conducted by The American Heart Association on Wednesday and Pat Pittore from New Hope-Lambertville Ambulance and Rescue Squad on Saturday.

“I did not know exactly what to do when Herb had his heart attack,” said Dwyer, Herb’s husband. I did my best but it is incumbent on all of us who love our family to know as much as we can to save a life when that moment arrives and calls us to do so. You will be upset. You will be crazy upset but practice makes perfect and taking a CPR course will get you ready. You want this to be something that will easily come to mind and not a memory from a TV show that you once saw.”

The Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring this because it wants New Hope-Lambertville to be one of the safest and healthiest places to live and shop. The Chamber is encouraging all New Hope and Lambertville merchants to come to the class. How to use a defibrillator will also be taught.

A few statistics about the area: The average age in Pennsylvania is 40.6, making Pennsylvania one of states with an older population, according to 2015 statistics from the Center for Disease Control.

New Hope has a larger than normal retirement community and the average age is 50, 19 percent higher than the norm of a state that already has an aging population, and 18.5 percent of New Hope has signed up for Medicare.

Also, another statistic: 11.8 percent of Bucks County smokes and 26 percent of the county would be considered obese. Both of these statistics (ascertained from are factors when it comes to heart disease.

“What all this means is that there is a greater likelihood that you may be in a situation where CPR will be needed due to the age of our community and other factors,” said Dwyer, who is also a board member on The Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce. “For yourself, for your spouse, for your parents, loved ones, friends and visitors, The Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce and the Eagle Fire Company invites one and all to their CPR and Heart Awareness class in honor of Herb Millman.”