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Countryside Gallery showcases artists Alexander Serebryany and Parnaos Surabischwili


Countryside Gallery, 2 S. State St., Newtown, features the works of Alexander Serebryany and Parnaos Surabischwili through Sept. 1

Serebryany was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1966. His artistic credo, influenced primarily by a Ukrainian education and background, was largely formed prior to his immigration to the United States in 1992, where he lived until 2004.

One of Serebryany’s primary artistic goals is to combine modernism with grotesque realism. Through the prism of this combination of the real and unreal he attempts to depict a unique concept.

“I’m creating permanent images of impermanent objects at their most impermanent moments,” he said.

Surabischwili, who signs his works P. Zurabishvili, (the proper spelling of his Georgian last name, an homage to his roots in the Transcaucasian jewel of a country, Georgia), was born in 1965 to a family of an artist-painter father and singer, language teacher mother.

He started painting around the age of 6, and developed his love for art and his skills by watching his father paint large compositions and portraits.

He studied at the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, he married his college sweetheart, also an artist, Matiko Mamaladze. Parna lives with his family in Media, loves the outdoors, and paints everything that impresses and charms him.

“Pure art is an artist’s expression of his excitement or impression by manipulating available mediums into original and unique creations,” he said.

“I don’t think the truthful and masterful copying of an image onto the canvas fits my definition of art. It only becomes art when there’s an original and innovative approach present, which transforms mere ‘transcription’ into artistic transfiguration.”

For information, call 215-968-2246 or visit online.