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Corporate interests are destroying pristine farmland


We have been fighting the Quakertown compressor station in West Rockhill Township for over three years. We have followed the rules and done everything we are supposed to do. We filed our Motion to Intervene, attended every meeting, and hired a lawyer.

The Citizens for Clean Air have had two court rulings in our favor, and still we have had to wade through Adelphia’s legal blocking and cannot come to an end with our legal proceedings, even as they near completion thanks to tolling orders.

These greedy, corporate interests are destroying pristine farmland at the expense of United States citizens living in the “sacrifice zone” (aka the communities deemed okay to “sacrifice” for the “greater good”).

Our requests for an Environmental Impact Study were ignored. Our requests for electric compressors in consideration of the farms and residents and animals across the street were ignored, even though the gas industry touts electric as the best, safest, cleanest technology that is available, and which has the least impact on communities for a project of this scale.

Our every plea for justice as our constitutional rights are being sacrificed has been not just ignored, but the powers that be are essentially handing over our pristine farming lands, lands that have been zoned agricultural conservation, to this industry, even though our Pennsylvania Constitution states plainly in Article1 Section27 that our environment is “for the benefit of all the people ... including generations yet to come.”

What Adelphia is being allowed to do is not fair. They forward their agenda with impunity. They profit. People suffer the degradation of healthy environments and ways of life. It’s not proper, it’s not right, and it certainly is not what the textbooks call American. America is supposed to be a democratic republic, not a plutocracy.

We need a Green Amendment now.

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Christine Shelly, Quakertown

According to the pipeline company website, “the Adelphia Gateway project is converting the remaining 50 miles of an existing 84-mile pipeline in southeastern Pennsylvania from oil to natural gas to meet the growing energy demands in the Greater Philadelphia area. The 18-inch pipeline spans portions of Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Northampton counties.

“The northern 34 miles of the pipeline – extending from western Bucks County to the Martins Creek terminal in Northampton County – were converted to natural gas in 1996 and continue to serve two power plants in Lower Mount Bethel and Martins Creek.”

The Quakertown Compressor Station update says: “Work continues on the stormwater system and the installation of safety bollards throughout the facility at the compressor station in preparation for precommissioning activities of the compressor units.”