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C&N celebrates summer with three lucky winners


C&N, a financial services company across Pennsylvania and New York, awarded three lucky customers $5,000 each in the C&N Celebrate Summer Sweepstakes, held June through August 2021.
After a year of pandemic hardships, C&N energized its customer base this summer with a sweepstakes promotion in June, July and August, where a lucky monthly winner was chosen to receive $5,000 cash. Participants were automatically entered when they opened a new checking or savings account or mailed in entries, while those who opened accounts online received double entries.
The three lucky winners were:
June: Jason M. Karcher from Benton, Columbia County, who said he plans to use his winnings to fix up his new home.

July: the winner requested to remain anonymous but did say they had never won anything before and this could not have come at a better time in their life.
August: Cheryl A. Rice from New Albany, Berks County, who said she plans to “give 10% to God, 10% to an unfortunate community in West Virginia and use the rest to repair an old Jeep my uncle left to me.”
Charity Frantz, C&N’s SVP / director of marketing, said, “We are happy with the participation in this year’s promotion and very excited that people see the value in partnering with C&N. Throughout our history, C&N has always been focused on creating strong relationships and we were proud to offer this sweepstakes that gives something back after such a challenging year.”
For information, call 877-838-2517, stop in at your local C&N office or visit online.