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Chimney Hill Estate offers a river towns getaway


Updated: Monday, May 1, 2023

Sylvester Kolakowski wears many hats.

On April 19, specifically, he was an electrician. But some days, at the Chimney Hill Estate, Kolakowski could be the grounds’ carpenter, the hotel’s chef or the keeper of the Estate’s growing chicken population.

The 37-year-old and his business partner, Marek Wonka, purchased the 203-year-old Chimney Hill Estate in 2021.

The Estate sits on over 8 acres on Goat Hill Road in Lambertville, N.J. The land includes a large Colonial house, carriage house and renovated barn.

In each building there are both guest rooms and suites, many of which are complete with working fireplaces, new appliances and jetted tubs.

Pieces of framed art by Lambertville artist Gordon Haas can be seen hanging on many of the walls of the Estate, and business cards for local eateries and businesses are always available to guests.

Breakfast, usually cooked by Kolakowski himself, is served in the mornings to guests.

The interior spaces of the Estate all boast new hardwood flooring and a modern farmhouse design.

However, the property was not always in good working order.

Prior to its purchase in 2021, the Estate had sat empty since 2016. But, Kolakowski and Wonka were determined to renovate it for opening in under a year. It took them about nine months, and there are still new amenities on the way. Kolakowski even lives on the property, ready to help guests with their needs day or night.

“Starting a business takes so much time. But, Marek and I knew we both wanted to take it to the finish line,” Kolakowski said.

Just because the Estate is open for business, does not mean that new projects are not coming to fruition.

“We still have a lot of new things in store for the property which we are so excited about,” Kolakowski said.

There are plans to make the backyard into a wedding venue, with a bridal open house coming May 6.

Behind the carriage house, there is already a foundation laid for a hot tub space and sauna.

And despite all the construction, the property remains a tranquil oasis. There are still birds singing and bugs lightly buzzing at dusk and a widely expanding sunset can be viewed from the front porch of the Colonial.

The property is minutes from downtown Lambertville and New Hope, but guests may not even need to leave the property.

A greenhouse sits adjacent to the Colonial, and plans call for it to become a dining area for guests. The Estate uses all organic ingredients in its meals.

The fire pit and hammock swings make a cozy space for either day or night. And the greenery surrounding the property could be a perfect place for outdoor yoga or a picnic lunch.

“It really is beautiful here. I am reminded of it every day,” Kolakowski said.

Kolakowski said guests come from all over the country, and even the world, to stay at Chimney Hill. The venue, which is open year-round, is available for anything from weekend getaways to business conferences.

So far, fall is the busiest time of year for the Estate, with spring taking a close second. The Lambertville area is known for its fall activities, as well as its springtime Shad Fest in April.

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