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Guest Opinion

Child and caterpillar bring out the joy of curiosity


It doesn’t take much to get a smile on my face and touch my heart.

I was accused of being a negative person. I guess it happened when my friend Mrs. Adler, who is 103 years old, summarized what is happening to the world.

“Carolyn, the world is having a nervous breakdown,” she said. I think she is right.

But little things can help to put a smile on my face and make me want to write them down and let people smile with me.

It was a delightful day in October. I was walking out of the Michener Art Museum. A three-year-old boy was standing near some flowers.

They were one of my favorite types. My middle name is Suzanne, and my good friend’s name is Susan. They were Black-eyed Susan flowers.

The boy was with an older woman, probably his grandmother. I went over and asked if he knew the name of the flowers. He was standing there hypnotized. But it wasn’t the flowers that he was fascinated with. He had spotted a caterpillar perched on the flower.

The older woman took her phone out to take a picture of him starring at the caterpillar. He just stood there like he had spotted the most beautiful sight of all.

I know that caterpillars have different stages as they grow. Some of them emerge as beautiful butterflies.

Not wanting to leave, finally the woman told the boy they had to go. He waved good-bye to the caterpillar still perched on the flower.

His curiosity and his fascination with this insect was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. He waved and said good-bye to the insect.

“Good-bye, caterpillar,” he said.

My worries just disappeared. And it put a smile on my face.

A child doesn’t need toys but curiosity to give himself joy. And a child’s curiosity and fascination helps an older person to get rid of her worries and put a major smile on her face. And, now, she gets the opportunity to write a letter and let people smile with her.

Carolyn Rosner lives in Warrington.

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