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Chatterbox: When only a radical will do


As I write this, today is a dark date in history. In retrospect, it will become more so, and it proves that the process of election in America must be without influence.

In the midst of this epidemic, America, repeatedly packaged and sold as the greatest nation on Earth, has proven to be just the Greatest Show on Earth. Only in America are doctors wearing trash bags and homemade, donated, face masks for protection while fighting a plague and, now, the best hope we had for a Democratic – yes, I said, Democratic – leadership has just left the building.

Bernie, like Cher, is recognized by only one name. He was considered a radical, a socialist, too far left to be right for this nation, but he was the only candidate who wasn’t wrong for this nation. In a country that has, in truth, swung too far to one side, only a radical would do for moderation, our greatest chance to reset the nation’s pendulum – from center.

Chatterbox has always attempted to present information to encourage open-minded conversation, bring compromise, even illumination … or, not. Today, moderation won’t serve. Sometimes, hard words are the only ones that make a point. They may upset some people, but no others will do.

The truth is easily researched, substantiated and inarguably authenticated, and must be brought into the light. Our government is in deep, convoluted trouble. Ergo, we, the people, are in trouble. Many of us refuse to believe it. After all, America has had many successes and major failures before. Through it all, we forged ahead with hope. Nevertheless, our democracy was hijacked long ago, leaving much of it privately owned. Ignoring it makes it no less true.

America has hundreds of thousands of homeless people. Roughly 25 percent of them are working full-time yet can’t afford housing. Many full-time workers no longer can have what they had even a generation ago when the average household had a single income. One worker working one job, 40 hours a week, was making a sustainable living; some owned homes and a reliable vehicle, had a paid lunch hour, paid overtime and, almost always, health insurance, though that was a “benefit” paid for by employers.

Today, some businesses offer it, some share its cost with workers but, for the most part, benefits have harshly declined as our business models change; remember “It’s Corporate”?

We’ve discussed at Chatterbox, for years, the numerous corporate cartels that plunder our nation’s coffers. Fuel, finance, commercial food, pharmaceuticals, health care, health insurance, military support, supply and arms, and chemical conglomerates all pick the people’s collective pocket and own too much of our leadership. For them, this really is the greatest country on Earth. Their profits skyrocket with an assist from powerful leadership who ignore their oath of office by literally blocking legislation that America’s people need to work and to survive.

Their privilege to grab-and-go drains America’s wealth while they hide huge untaxed profits out of country and send America’s jobs to sweatshops offshore. All the while, they blame the drainage on, and point fingers at, the unemployed, the poor, the sick, the elderly and, yes, even those few parasites – which all massive beasts attract.

As Americans, if we want to continue to call our nation the greatest country on Earth, we’d better start demanding the greatest leadership on Earth – people with grit and a conscience.

In 2016, the Democratic Nominating Convention blew its best chance to win that presidential election. Though no one may ever clarify the alleged interference in Trump’s campaign, by aligning itself with Hillary Clinton against Bernie, the DNC virtually handed the position over to a man whose photos and video clips have since been looping around the world as comic relief. Now, they’ve committed the same indiscretion against their constituency twice.

To Joe Biden, hello from the living. You are no stranger to this show – just business as usual; the people continue to work harder for less of everything, including a voice. Please prove your doubters wrong because, now, as our last resort, you are also our only hope.

There is no joy in Mudville; mighty Bernie has dropped out.

He was forced out, really. A socialist? Nay. A man who, though he wasn’t always right, was always right in the middle of every fracas for the little people. His photos and videos, also being looped around the world, prove that.

A radical? Yes – when only a radical will do – and his name will still be on the primary ballot.