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Charles Meredith: The election ticket


Dear Friends,

Good morning. Before I get to the main gist of today’s column – Should Congressman Fitzpatrick run on the same ticket with President Trump – I must salute Mighty Betsy Meredith. Last week, we celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary.

In our 2019 Christmas greeting card, we included a photo of MB and me coming out of the Lambertville Presbyterian Church on our wedding day. We entered a 1926 Chrysler auto, which Diane and Carol Lippincott (formerly of Lahaska) owned. That car was used later in the “Untouchables” television series (118 episodes which ran from October 1959 through May 1963). It had flower vials on the windows of the huge back seat. The card was a “save the date” invitation to our 60th.

Alas, the virus pandemic forced us to scrub the party … but our family celebrated it quietly. Once we get a vaccine, we may ask everyone to gather. We’ll see. Anyway, MB deserves a prize for putting up with me for 60 years.

And now to business.

Alice Agnew is our chief “keeper” at 203 Juniper St. She organizes the team to keep MB and me safe. MB is more courageous than I. She welcomes visitors who are “quarantine safe” while I hide under the bed with my Teddy Bears.

Each day, MB and I share thoughts about the November election. One of the major questions involves Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, the congressman from Pennsylvania’s First District (representing all of Bucks County and portions of Montgomery). Will Fitzpatrick support President Trump or run a campaign that ignores him?

In a recent poll, Democratic challenger Christina Finello is closing the gap to capture the seat from Fitzpatrick. Public Policy Polling recently showed that Fitzpatrick is now leading Finello by only two points, 40 percent to 38 percent and that only 35 percent of the voters approve of the job he is doing compared to 37 percent who disapprove.

The Democratic Party in the district enjoys a 226,364 to 206,676 registered vote plurality over the GOP … with 83,808 registered as “other.” How those 83,808 “others” vote will either spell success or disaster for Fitzpatrick.

The Republican Presidential Convention is in Jacksonville, Fla., in August. Will Brian Fitzpatrick quietly urge the president not to run? If I were Fitzpatrick, that’s what I would do.

At the moment, in a Joe Biden versus Donald Trump race, Biden is clearly the front runner. I would predict that Republican legislators across the board are at a significant disadvantage and in the panic mode.

Would Brian Fitzpatrick support a movement to replace the Trump/Pence ticket? If the GOP were running a Mitt Romney/ Nikki Haley ticket, they’d have a better chance. I certainly would support it. Nikki Haley, a Republican, is a former South Carolina governor and a former Ambassador to the United Nations.

As a U.S. senator from Utah, Romney is a conservative/progressive Republican who has shown his independence by voting against President Trump. In a Biden versus Romney contest, Biden would have plenty to worry about. Biden has a 44-year track record … 36 years as a U.S. senator from Delaware and eight years as vice president. A lengthy track record can have liabilities.

In a Biden v. Romney contest, I would oppose Biden. I still resent how he handled the Clarence Thomas hearing when Biden was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991. Clarence Thomas became a U.S. Supreme Court justice because Biden refused to allow three female witnesses to testify in that nomination hearing. Those three women would have supported Anita Hill’s claim. As a result, Hill was unsuccessful in exposing Clarence Thomas as a sex predator. Without corroborating testimony, the case became a “she said/ he said” argument.

In 1991, that Judiciary Committee was 100 percent male, 100 percent white, and 100 percent wrong. That’s a black eye that Joe Biden will always wear. At least, that’s how I see it. Yes, I would vote for Biden in a Biden v. Trump election … but not in a Biden v. some other Republican candidate.

So what happens if Trump is nominated and then withdraws? The national GOP “Rule 9” says that the 2,472 Republican delegates reconvene and choose a replacement. We’ll see how brave Brian Fitzpatrick is. I think he looses if Trump heads the ticket in November.

As I always say, “when in doubt, ask Alice Agnew.”

Sincerely, Charles Meredith