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Charles Meredith: Extremely difficult periods


Dear Friends,

Good morning. Blake Eisenhart sent a note to Mighty Betsy and me, which you’ll enjoy. Blake has been on the board of the Bucks County Community College for years … often as its chairman.

“Charles, I just read with interest your most recent commentary concerning the Bucks County commissioner mid-century history with Andy Warren … particularly your comments on both the community college and the Neshaminy Water Resources Authority (NWRA),”

Blake’s email began. “As you know, I serve/served on both of these boards. Both organizations experienced extremely difficult periods during the ’80s and ’90s. I look forward to what you and Andy [former Bucks Commissioner Warren] have further to say … and how your perspectives align with my recollections. A very interesting read awaits!”

Blake is a Democrat. His father was the late pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Quakertown. Blake opposed Paul Clymer’s first bid for state representative of the 145th legislative district in Upper Bucks. Blake resides in Upper Bucks. Although Blake and I belong to different political parties, our views about governing and life in general are pretty similar. In my view, Blake would make an excellent county commissioner.

Meanwhile, MB and I recently had a chat with the former Bucks County coroner, Dr. Joseph Campbell. I always feel better when conversing with the coroner. While all of his former subjects are no longer breathing, I’m still here.

I asked Joe about the GOP’s future in Bucks County. Could it rebound from the loss of all the row offices (with the exception of the district attorney)? Joe thought that the critical year would be 2021, the year after President Trump’s reelection bid. There’s no doubt in my mind that this president is toxic for Republican candidates … especially in suburban counties like Bucks.

Look what happened across America in the elections of 2018 and 2019. The GOP took a real shellacking, and this year looks worse.

So I was fascinated by the nearly full page article (Jan. 29) in the New York Times about the prospects for Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s reelection. He is facing, Andy Meehan, an arch conservative Trump supporter from the village of Holland in Northampton Township.

Here’s what the NYT wrote: “Andy Meehan, the star of that Saturday afternoon rally in Doylestown, was there to “Fight Fake Fitz” a.k.a. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican seeking reelection.

“Meehan is promising voters that he, unlike his “disloyal” opponent, will always be faithful to “The Man” [Donald Trump]. “Do you want a half-baked, fake Republican on the ticket who’s going to get in on Trump’s coattails again? And then not support him?

“I support the president’s America First agenda, and I’m going to Washington and I will vote for it, “ Meehan said.

“Such is the nature of the Republican primary season in the Donald Trump era; self-proclaimed outsiders are marketing themselves as loyalists to a man who is now the ultimate insider. Challenges to incumbents from the right are nothing new. But whereas conservative primary candidates once fashioned their campaigns as referendums on reckless federal spending or the elitist sensibilities of leadership, these pitches are much simpler now, carte blanche offerings of complete and total fealty to the president.”

Here’s how Meehan contrasts himself with Congressman Fitzpatrick:

“Andy Meehan is the passionate conservative businessman from Bucks County who has stepped up to challenge the Anti-Trump RINO [Republican in name only] Brian Fitzpatrick for the PA-01 House seat in the April 28, 2020 Republican primary. Unlike the incumbent [Fitzpatrick], I will go to Washington to stand up and fight for our Republican values, our president, and his America First agenda.”

Meehan pledges to support President Trump; supports the Second Amendment; will vote to fund the Wall; opposes amnesty; signed a No New Taxes Pledge; supports defunding Sanctuary Cities; and defending Women’s Sports and Spaces.

While it’s true that Brian Fitzpatrick has occasionally opposed President Trump, Fitzpatrick has stood by the president during the impeachment effort. I still believe that Fitzpatrick will win his reelection bid in the April primary … but lose in November because Bucks voters disapproved of his vote to oppose the president’s impeachment. We’ll see.

Sincerely, Charles Meredith