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Charles Meredith: Ear trumpets and criticism


Dear Friends,

Good morning. Before I get to my friendly critics and their thoughts about why my anti-Trump thoughts are wrong, I thought I’d share the advice from my hearing doctor.

I hear very little out of my left ear … Mighty Betsy calls it selective hearing. Dr. Stephen Mass at Otolaryngology Plastic Surgery in Sellersville has concluded that I need a hearing aid.

I’m scheduled for an MRI of my left ear to ascertain whether there’s something dangerous rattling around inside my skull. At the moment, he thinks that we shouldn’t worry because the MRI will prove whether there’s something ominous in there.

I had a better thought and told him about using an ear trumpet. I’ve seen them advertised and they’re cheap ($24 on eBay) and effective.

They’re about a foot long and could be mounted on your shoulder. The only problem that you’d encounter is when you’re driving a car. My solution is to roll the driver’s window down and stick the trumpet out in the breeze. I am certain that you readers will be fascinated with future observations.

And now to business.

Stephen Hanover from Plumsteadville sent this interesting email: “Dear Charles, In reading your column periodically, I get the distinct impression that you fashion yourself a fair-minded man. (Mighty Betsy would amend that to read: Charlie’s often wrong but never in doubt.)

“Your column (“Guessing is a waste of time”), however, seems to have you reading tea leaves to make a prediction on our president’s coming year. You have no more basis than I do to determine that “it’s just a matter of time until [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller finally uncovers Trump’s tax returns and reveals his links to Russian influence.

“First of all, I know you know that the president has no requirement to divulge that information. If Mueller were to get hold of the returns, it would have to be obtained illegally. Perhaps you would have no problem with that in that the ends justify the means.

“The idea that Trump will resign and not risk an impeachment conviction seems to be merely wishful thinking on your part. (True.) He is in no risk of conviction on any charge and 2/3 of the Senate isn’t happening either. Your recitation of the problems Trump faces is a fool’s errand. John Weiner is a noted leftist and contributing editor for the self-described “progressive” magazine, The Nation. The slant of his editorial (and yours) is quite obvious.”

So there!

One of my noble critics lives in Coopersburg. Here’s what Don N. wrote: “ Your Jan. 24 column provides your readers with no response to the several complaints and challenges raised in former Rep. Paul Clymer’s position …merely repeating your oft repeated anti-Trump stance, calling for his resignation or defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

“I’ve often asked you or your Demo compatriots to provide us with some very specific, impeachable charges upon which you can base a truly valid filing for a House impeachment vote … I’ve been unable to confirm that any of the many, often vilifying allegations against President Trump would qualify as truly valid charges to support his impeachment.

“Concerning his ‘resignation,’ can you identify any of these allegations that would lead a man of PresidentTrump’s well publicized manner to consider his resignation? Since President Trump and his family has been assailed with some of the most hateful, vulgar and vilifying allegations, since the Truman presidential era, I rather doubt that his adversaries could possibly come up with any new derogatory or disparaging actions or commentary, that would in any way prevent him from campaigning for re-election in 2020.

“Still waiting for your choices for the Demo candidates that will populate the Demo nominating convention to oppose President Trump in 2020?”

As of this writing, I believe there are at least 20 Democrats who have either formally announced their candidacy, or are seriously considering a run for the presidency. At the moment, I’d vote for anyone who opposes President Trump … and I’m a Republican (though not a very happy one).

Next week, I’ll share an idea which Ardith Talbott sent to Editor Bridget Wingert and me. The subject is Electoral College Reform. It’s fascinating.