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Charles Meredith: Christianity not united


Happy New Year!

Today I begin with a visit with Michael Smerconish and his Saturday morning TV program (Dec. 21). Christianity Today had just published a scathing editorial calling for Donald Trump’s removal from office. The magazine said the president had abused his power and violated the Constitution. Trump responded by saying he had done more for evangelicals than any other president.

As you know, Smerconish is a Doylestown native. His mother is a successful Realtor and resides in Central Bucks. I often chat with Michael about local and national politics. His views are usually spot on.

Smerconish asked his listeners to reply to his informal survey. “Will evangelicals abandon their support for Donald Trump?” Smerconish asked. The answer – 72 percent said evangelicals will not abandon President Trump.

Is anyone surprised? Mark Galli is the editor and chief of Christianity Today and the writer of that editorial. He warned his readers: “Remember who you are and whom you serve. If we [evangelicals] don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come?”

Opposition to President Trump among white evangelicals remains exceedingly rare, especially in heated moments, a New York Times article reported. Nearly all … 99 percent … of Republican white evangelical Protestants said they opposed Mr. Trump’s impeachment.

In last week’s Herald, I was surprised by the number of letters to the editor who were unhappy with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s opposition to President Trump’s impeachment. For several weeks, I’ve urged Fitzpatrick to listen to his constituents who do not approve of the president and want him removed from office.

By throwing his lot in with the president, I believe that Fitzpatrick is doomed. I’m assuming that the Bucks Democratic Committee will find the right congressional candidate to oppose our congressman. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I read a letter to the editor written by my friend Mary Helf. It’s not often that you read a letter in the New York Times from a local person. Here’s what she had to say:

“As bad as President Trump’s shakedown of a struggling Ukraine is, the House and Senate Republicans are worse,” she began. “All of them are deliberately damaging this country even further by consciously working to deepen the division among Americans. Hope you like it.

“They support Mr. Trump’s lies; they viciously attack their colleagues on the other side of the aisle; they repeat over and over again their own lies; they say everything they can dream up to defend the indefensible and to weaken this incredible Constitution of ours.

“If the Republicans were true to their oath to protect and defend the Constitution they would actually listen to the witnesses’ sworn testimony. They are not even trying to discover the truth; they are simply making a sham out of this very serious process.

“If they acted honestly, they would do much to educate the American public and help heal the divisions in this country.”

Brava Mary Helf!

Sincerely, Charles Meredith

Next week, I’ll share a visit I received from former Bucks County Commissioner Andy Warren and Hal Marcovitz, the retired Allentown Morning Call reporter and columnist. They are writing a book about the history of the Bucks County commissioners and because I’m the oldest old goat in the land, they wanted to get my version of history in the 1960s and ’70s. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, it pays to be old. Who will argue with your version of tales … tall or short? Stay tuned.

Finally, my friend Larry Grim sent me an email from Charlie Baum, the former publisher of the Perkasie News Herald and Bucks County District Justice. Charlie was writing about efforts to repair Bucks County’s oldest covered bridge.

“The Perkasie Historical Society is working with Perkasie Borough on a joint effort for the repairs. The Historical Society has already quietly raised $20,000 of the effort which may run to $250,000 estimates say. There will be a joint effort in 2020 to raise money and seek possible grants. Perkasie Councilman Scott Bomboy is heading up the effort for the borough and has sent out some letters already.”

It’s good to know that Charlie Baum still has his hand on the tiller.