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Charles Meredith: An artist close to Quakertown


Dear Friends,

Good morning. Before we get to the Trump impeachment, a recent Michael Smerconish poll, former state Rep. Paul Clymer’s take on impeachment, and the new head of the United Friends School, here’s a heads up. Jeanne Henry, the better half of Quakertown attorney Rodney Henry, told me that a new exhibit is almost ready at the Richland Library.

Richland Library (one of the oldest libraries in Pennsylvania, 1788) will display paintings, photographs and memorabilia of James Schucker, one of the best known Bucks County artists. In the 1930s and ’40s, Schucker began his career as an illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post and Colliers magazines. Living on a farm in Haycock Township, Schucker would take his work to publishers based in Manhattan each week. Schucker art often graced the covers of these magazines.

In the 1950s, he turned to portrait painting. Today, hundreds of homes and offices display Schucker’s art. Mrs. Henry expects the show to open in mid-February.

Turning to the impeachment of President Trump, The trial in the U.S. Senate is nearing its predictable end. My guess is that the president will not be removed from office. Neither will he be convicted. Because it takes 67 of the 100 senators to find President Trump guilty and there are only 45 Democratic Senators, it’s mathematically impossible for the president to lose…unless 22 Republicans jump ship and join the Democrats’ efforts.

Yes, I believe that President Trump will survive this scare. But regardless of the outcome, several facts will remain. The president will be remembered as the third president in the history of the republic to be impeached by the House of Representatives. And should Mr. Trump lose his reelection bid, how many Republican senators and congressmen will join him in defeat? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell? Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine? Bucks County Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick? My internet search identified 20 Republican U.S. senators who could lose their reelection bids.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters will rejoice with the letter to the editor from former state Representative Paul Clymer who is a die-hard fan of the president. This is what Clymer had to say in his Jan. 2 letter to the Herald:

“Interestingly, the two articles of impeachment, Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress are not even defined in the Constitution as reasons for impeachment,” Clymer began. “These Democrats have forever soiled the reputation of the House of Representatives. It is Speaker Pelosi and her band of Democrats who should be charged with Abuse of Power.

“While the Democrats were making toxic the impeachment proceedings with their anger and intolerance, President Trump was creating a booming economy, a stronger military and a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that will provide more family-sustaining jobs for our citizens,” Clymer concluded.

Paul Clymer’s unabashed loyalty to this president is amazing, don’t you think?

And speaking of President Trump, did you see the recent Michael Smerconish CNN poll about the killing of the Iranian Major Gen. Qasem Soleimani? I was surprised at the strong dissent from the listeners … 78 percent said that president Trump was not justified in ordering the killing, while 22 percent thought that President Trump was correct. Fascinating, eh?

Let me close with a positive story. The United Friends School board of trustees in Quakertown has just announced that Daena Berdougo will become the head of school on July 1. Ms. Berdougo, a former teacher, is currently in her sixth year as the head of school at Gwynedd Friends School, a Quaker preschool and kindergarten with 120 students and 22 faculty and staff. Under her leadership, Gwynedd Friends School has gained PAIS accreditation and state licensure, grown enrollment with high levels of retention, created a strategic plan and developed a diversity and inclusion policy.

The trustees at UFS are looking forward to her leadership. So are we.

Sincerely, Charles Meredith