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Central Bucks zeroes in on $342 million budget


As the 2019-20 Central Bucks School District budget is developed, Business Administrator David Matyas said at the March 26 meeting, the district is planning on another good revenue year.

The board adopted a preliminary budget of $342,551,470 million for the 2019-20 school year Jan. 22, reflecting a 1.7 percent or $6,240,428 spending increase over this year.

No real estate tax increase is planned for the 2019-20 school year. The administration plans to have a balanced budget as the process moves into its final stages.

Overall, Brian Loftus, director of finance said, Central Bucks will see a 1.7 percent increase in state subsidies. Those state subsidies are included in the district’s overall budget. The district is projecting $341 million in revenue and $342 million in expenses — a $900,000 deficit.

The budgeted Pennsylvania School Emplyees Retirement System (PSERS) contribution rate of gross payroll will move from 33.43 percent to 34.29 percent, which is 0.5 percent less than discussed in December or 2.6 percent in the employer contribution rate.

Overall, school districts are seeing more education funding, Matyas said. While most other state agency budgets are frozen or seeing reduced funding. The state retirement systems are consuming almost all extra revenue.

Loftus talked about the impact that the state’s 2019-20 budget will have on Central Bucks.

Basic instruction subsidy will be increased by 2 percent or $390,000 and 1.6 percent in additional subsidy for special education. There would be no change in the state ready-to-learn block grant used to improve learning and instruction. The district’s transportation subsidies may increase by 0.5 percent or $16,000.

The proposed final budget will be up for the board’s consideration at the April 23 meeting. The board is scheduled to put the budget to a final vote on June 11.