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Central Bucks opts for all-virtual format at start of school year

All students in the Central Bucks School District will begin the 2020 school year remotely after the district announced on Monday it was pausing plans to offer in-class and hybrid instruction options until it has a sufficient number of staff in place to safely open school doors.
When the school year begins on Sept. 8, Central Bucks will utilize an all-virtual, online instructional model for students in kindergarten through 12th grades until the end of the first marking period on Nov. 11, Superintendent John Kopicki stated in a message posted on the Central Bucks website.
On July 21, the school board approved plans to offer in-class, hybrid and online instruction options for elementary students and hybrid and online learning options for secondary students. Over the past month, parents were asked to fill out a program enrollment form with their instructional preferences.
“Upon receipt of these responses, we applied the data to our educational models and began to prepare teacher placement to deliver the various options,” Kopicki explained. “As our administrative staff interpreted the data and fulfilled our educational plan with faculty and staff assignments, it became quickly apparent that we do not have adequate staff to safely open school.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people struggling to find a balance between safely returning to work while maintaining personal health and well-being. Our faculty and staff are no different than our community in that many of our employees are struggling with countless issues and individual circumstances that prevent them from returning to our schools in person. Once this information was provided to us, we reexamined our proposed school reopening plan and explored each option, navigating possible solutions.”
As the school year gets underway, Central Bucks “will continue to evaluate our staffing and immediately seek to employ the appropriate number of personnel to achieve our original goal of implementing all options of our reopening plan as soon as possible,” Kopicki said. “While we start school remotely, the administration will continue to work on solutions to bring our students back into their schools under the selected choice parents chose. Our goal is and has been to reopen our schools and operate in a safe environment while providing the best education for our students.”
Additional details on Central Bucks’ remote learning plan will be distributed over the next week.

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