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Central Bucks gives superintendent a five-year contract

The Central Bucks School Board is sending a clear message that it wants to keep its superintendent.

On Feb. 26, members approved a new five-year contract for John J. Kopicki that increases his base salary to $235,000 from $223,222, a 5.25 percent or $11,778 increase.

Kopicki thanked the board for their kind words of support, their leadership, and their hard work on behalf of the district and the entire community. “I am humbled when you give these accolades to me, if nothing else, it demonstrates that you need a team of excellent people around you to be successful.”

“I am blessed to be able to work here and work with all of you,” Kopicki said, after the unanimous vote.

“You bring a lot to the table. You help educate and teach me and I do feel as though this is a solid team and it begins with the board. You’ve demonstrated that and how you work with me on a day to day basis. I value what you do on a daily basis. I am so grateful and thankful for your support.”

“We are very fortunate to have you as well,” said school board President Glenn M. Schloeffel.

Schloeffel noted that the reason the board took this action was because, “Collectively and strongly the board believes Dr. Kopicki is doing an outstanding job for our school district, our children, and our community; and we want to demonstrate our strong committment to him, what he’s accomplished, what he’s doing now, and how he’s leading the district going forward.”

“We are very impressed with Dr. Kopicki’s overall performance,” Schloeffel added.

In order to comply with school code, the board first had to accept Kopicki’s resignation and then follow that with a vote to rehire him with a new five-year contract.

Central Bucks hired Kopicki in April 2016 after one year as superintendent of the Altoona Area School District with a starting salary of $210,000.

The new contract will expire Feb. 27, 2024.

“This district is truly a place where everybody cares about children, and that is the most motivating thing –every day we get to help kids,” Kopicki added, “I’m successful on the shoulders of other people and I’m just so very fortunate to be here working with all of you.”

“I’m going to keep coming to work every day and win the job,” he said, “You’ll get my best and I promise you that I will always do what is best for kids ... I am grateful and thankful for your support.”

In other news, while the board interviewed and ultimately decided upon a candidate to fill the vacant school director seat representing Region 4, the selected candidate later determined that she was unable to serve as a result of a conflict of interest related to her employment.

The Central Bucks School District is again soliciting candidates to serve as school director for Region 4, which encompasses District 1 in Warwick and Districts 1, 3, 4 and 5 in Warrington Township. The person selected will serve until the next Municipal Election in November.

Interested candidates should send a resume to school board Secretary Stephanie Radcliffe at by Wednesday, March 6.