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Central Bucks alumni call for more inclusive curriculum

Alumni, parents and students of Central Bucks School District have called upon the superintendent to update all of Central Bucks School District’s curriculum to be more inclusive and address racial history and bias in light of the anti-racism protests that are sweeping the nation.
Many students have written letters to the superintendent, and a petition started by 2015 Central Bucks East alumna Brandy Boyce received over 800 signatures in less than 24 hours. As of Tuesday, June 9, the petition had more than 4,000 signatures.

The petition, as stated, “is to demand an immediate pledge from the Central Bucks School District to overhaul and institute a curriculum dedicated to anti-racist education, and the release of a plan about how exactly the district intends to educate students about racism, and uplift and promote the work of diverse scholars, historians and activists.”

The petition calls for the implementation of race-awareness learning and anti-racism in the school district, including:

– Adding diversity compassion and anti-racism to the core curriculum of the district as a required course or equivalent.

– The inclusion of diverse authors in at least 35% of syllabi in humanities classes such as history, literature, government and the social sciences.

– Increased diversity of teaching staff, administration and disciplinary figures.

– Required diversity and implicit bias trainings each semester for all members of the teaching staff, administration and disciplinary figures.

– Holding students who say or do discriminatory or offensive things accountable for their actions, and transparency about hate speech policies and consequences.

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