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CB East graduates to host online conversation about race relations

This Wednesday, June 10, at noon on Instagram Live, Central Bucks East graduates Selma Ahmed (@itsselmz) and Madeline Steuber (@madisteuber) will come together to host a conversation, Hey, We Gotta Talk,, about how race relations impact students and community members of color in Doylestown and the surrounding areas.

Amidst outrage and concern about police brutality and violent racism toward Black Americans, Ahmed, who is a black Muslim woman, shared troubling excerpts from her Tohickon Middle School yearbook on her private social media accounts. Stating that she was fearful that the "next killer" would come from Doylestown, Ahmed shared the photos publicly after reaching out to the culprits privately. When none of the yearbook signers, who drew Confederate flags, wrote death threats, and signed their names under racial slurs, responded to her attempts for reconciliation, she decided to take things public.

Since then, swaths of Central Bucks students have reached out to Ahmed to ask how they can help reconcile the situation and, moreover, to admit that they were complicit when they knew students were acting violently toward her in school. One of these former classmates was Steuber, who went to school with Ahmed through middle school and high school. The women decided to turn their outrage into action and hold an online discussion for their community. During this discussion, some who were present, and several other community members, will convene on Instagram Live to discuss the impact of racism in school, why complacency is harmful, and how this discomfort can turn into action that will protect the students of color who are currently in school. As Ahmed puts it, "What are you doing to make sure your kids don't kill my kids?"

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