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Carversville Inn has zoning hearing board approval


“Basically, they got what they wanted,” said Chairman Michael Warden after the Solebury Zoning Hearing Board unanimously approved renovation plans for the Carversville Inn on Wednesday, Oct. 13.

But the while the owners, Milan Lint and Mitch Berlin of Sawmill Road, may be done with the zoners, they still have a long way to go before their proposed restaurant-hotel becomes a reality.

“I think it’ll be next year (before all approvals are granted), if they’re lucky,” Warden said.

The current zoning board hearings started in January of this year.

The owners still have to make formal applications and be reviewed by the Solebury Historical Architectural Review Board (because they are in an Historical District), the Solebury Planning Board, and the Solebury Board of Supervisors, said Jean Weiss, zoning board administrator.

They also need Environmental Protection Department permits and land development approvals for the 6205 Fleecydale Road property, Warden noted.

The zoning board granted the project exceptions and variances for land disturbance, floodplains, off-site parking, loading space, and reduced the number of hotel rooms from 10 to eight. Some variances were granted, for example for floodplains, because the building already exists in a floodplain, Warden explained.

But because the building it is in a floodplain, any additions will be built vertically, not horizontally, said board attorney Stephen Imms.

Weiss said the board now has 45 days to produce a written statement detailing its decision and requirements.

According to the Solebury Township Historical Society, the Carversville Inn was built in 1813. Originally called the Bird-In-Hand, it was built in the Federal style, with two floors and a gabled roof. A third floor and porch were added in 1859. Over the years it has served as a hotel, general store, ice cream parlor and gas station.

Will and Denie Mathias sold the inn in 2020 after operating it for 31 years.