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Carversville artist presents new work at Silverman Gallery


The Silverman Gallery of Bucks County Impressionist Art presents a solo exhibition of new work by Carversville artist David Stier.

The public is invited to join Stier for his opening weekend, with receptions from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7, and 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 8, at the gallery in the Buckingham Green Shopping Center, 4920 York Road (Route 202), Holicong.

Stier’s drawings and paintings are “moody and ethereal, like viewing memories and dreams through a veil of time.” His work is an exploration of the world through a variety of mediums, sizes and subjects.

Stier is more concerned with form, space and light than color, and he favors an “old world” palette – earth colors that lend themselves to the subtlety and mysteriousness of his art. “His paintings and drawings are nuanced and enigmatic, and it’s easy to see why he may describe them as ‘unresolved.’”

“Canal Path in Winter” plays dark against light in shadows of golden-tinged autumn leaf alongside dark water. By contrast, “Blossoms on Red” is rich with color, a backdrop of saturated red, showcasing the verdant green leaves and snow-white blossoms of “birth or renewal.”

Stier’s work is never bound by convention. To that end, he also makes his own custom frames, often gold or silver leafed, each tailor-made to fit a particular painting. Stier welcomes, relishes even, any chips or marks that may occur in the process.“ I don’t like paintings that are trying to be too perfect. There’s perfection in imperfection,” he said.

Stier’s show is not so much about theme as it is about intellectual and emotional exploration. “The show isn’t an end, it’s a continuum,” he said. Like conversation between friends, the work of Stier is not finite, but merely one more piece of the dialogue – or, in his words, “An intuitive place where you stop.”

The exhibition continues through Jan. 12. Call 215-794-4300 or visit the Silverman Gallery online for information.