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Carry-in/Carry-out policy adopted for Solebury parks


The problem is that some people are using Solebury parks as trash dumps, and Parks and Recreation Director Dudley Rice has a solution that was approved unanimously by the board of supervisors on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Starting in January, there will be a Carry-in/Carry-out policy in all Solebury parks on a trial basis during 2020.

This means any trash created in the park is carried out by the person who brought it in.

“We have encountered many problems with people dropping off residential and commercial trash at our park locations, both in our containers and alongside them,” said Rice.

The township removed trash containers at Magill’s Hill Park years ago and Carry-In/Carry-Out has been successful there, he stated.

“Our idea is to remove the trash containers from all parks. Laurel Park, that has a concession stand, would have trash containers available when concessions are open during that brief eight-week period when the stand is operating. The people running the stand would be responsible for removing the trash when they close ...,” he explained.

The Solebury Parks and Recreation Committee has already approved the idea.

Several municipalities have adopted the policy, he noted, including Plumstead Township, where it is used for eight of its nine parks.

Rice cited several benefits of the program: reducing odors and pests in the park; reducing litter, insects, rodents and other wildlife in picnic areas, fields and parking areas; park hours and funds spent on trash collection and maintenance can be better used on other projects; and encouraging people to use non-plastic, reusable water containers and bags.

“The bottom line is that Solebury Township has always been a leader in the environmental area. ... We were also the first in the state ... to eliminate smoking and tobacco products in our parks, so let’s keep going and become sustainable and encourage and educate others to do the same and move on to Carry-In/Carry-Out for trash,” Rice concluded.

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