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Candidate objects to influx of corporate money


I think we all can agree that politics have gotten completely out of hand and the influx of corporate money has made the problem worse.

We are no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people, but have become subject to legislation driven by whoever has the biggest pocketbook. Many of these banks, businesses and corporations hedge their bets and give to both sides of the political aisle. I am sick of them and apparently so is Mark Pinsley, controller of Lehigh County, who is running for state Senate in District 16, which covers Lehigh County and part of Bucks County.

He was the first public servant in Pennsylvania to take steps to divest in Wells Fargo and transfer public money into a bank that is politically neutral. We need to encourage our local governments, schools, and other public entities to do the same. We have to stop supporting a system that’s destroying our society.

Tell your township to divest in banks that make political contributions. Support candidates, like Mark Pinsley, who are willing to follow their conscience, not the money.

Nancy Overton, Nockamixon Township