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Camille Mancuso: Chatterbox -- Of fact and fiction


Disney World is very contrived, hokey even, and most Chattereaders know, I love it. It’s where big, burly guys walk around in mouse ears and don’t care who sees them. Adults take pictures with Mickey Mouse; heck, I cried.

Right now, my favorite place has opened its gates to families in the midst of a deadly plague. How did that happen? We all know how. It’s about the stockholders … beyond the magic, even beyond the children’s safety, it’s about wealth.

In Epcot, there is the famous golf ball – the geodesic sphere, with 11, 324 individual triangles. It reminds me that every issue and every person on Earth is like that geo-sphere with far more facets in this planet’s Gaia, especially among individual people. It can remind us all that it’s the strength of each of those individuals and every one of their individual characteristics that create and support the whole of it. Contrarily, people are also alike in many ways and recently I was reminded about how and why we make the choices and align ourselves with what and the persons we do.

We can’t choose our family members, so we form closer bonds with some than others, but we absolutely do pick our friends. They can influence us to the better or for the worse. We usually choose those who share our standards and views, those who are most like us. We also migrate toward our better or worse choice, depending on what we are predisposed to anyway. We seek out those who share our own truths and preconceptions.

Our truths are the same. We choose the truths that represent what we already support. The facts can’t be altered but the iteration of them often is, whether by misunderstanding of the information, incomplete information, or straight-up misinformation. We’ve mentioned before: Research is imperative.

We decide where we stand and pick the stories we promulgate. We decide when we share them, if they’ll be: as true as they can be even when their truths don’t support our preferences; as true as we want them to be; or the lie that gives us the result we want, hope for, or work toward.

For some people, whether or not any story is true is irrelevant if the result is the desired one. I just got one of those.

Whenever we unknowingly share information that is untrue, we’ve been used and made a liar of. When we do it with one eye closed, we have an agenda designed for our own desired result. When we do it on purpose, we are liars; there’s no wiggle room here.

Sadly, today in America and in her leadership, misrepresentation, half-truths, skirting the truth, and straight-up lying has become so prevalent much of America’s general population rarely knows the truth. Sadly, some people don’t even care, as long as the desired effect is achieved.

Our two presidential candidates have begun to campaign. It is up to us to ascertain whether or not the actions they promise will be fulfilled as best we can. They each have a record we can examine, as the campaign ads can’t be taken at face value in spoken intentions or, worse, in visual representations.

They include buzz words being passed around by both sides. If we’re smart, or if we really care, we’ve got to do a little homework and find out what these expressions really imply. What does defunding the police really mean? Who really profits from our huge national budget? What’s the real reason we can’t have the national (not socialist) health care that works around the globe? We are responsible to seek these – and many other – answers.

Our nation is filled with talking heads. So many words but no real information; yet every one of them delivers with a passion that exudes credibility, but speaking fact isn’t true of them and it isn’t true of our candidates either.

So, another election and … yes, the burden of truth is ours. Since our last election, America has reverted back to many behaviors which were far less acceptable and far less ubiquitous than they were in 2016. Compared to nations around the globe, it doesn’t indicate advancement but, rather, regression.

We choose our nation’s path by leadership, and we pick leadership the way we pick our friends and our truths: We attach ourselves to those who represent who we already are and where we already know we want to go. Caution is always required.

We choose those we see in our own mirror.